"Elevate Arizona" is a philosophy. A way of thinking. An attitude. It permeates everything I do. Its closest synonym would be "uplift." It was born out of the troubled times of 2010 and 2011, when civility and decorum among our representation seemed dormant. We needed to repair our image and heal the scars of divisive politics. I’m proud of the progress we’ve made and will continue to be a voice of reason and respect. The image of Arizona you see below was created from words that describe my efforts over the last two years to "Elevate Arizona."


My Vision to "Elevate Arizona" for the next two years is:

More Apples

When Apple came to town, so did 2,000 jobs and $1.5 billion. I'm already working to recruit several more "Apples" who will likewise bring millions in investment and many jobs. My focus remains plain and simple…jobs, jobs, jobs.

More Sunshine

I've already spoken of, one of my proudest accomplishments. The 2014 legislative session was the 'test phase" for the website and it performed perfectly. I will now make sure every voter in the state hears about this unique tool so the 2015 legislative session will have the highest level of citizen involvement in the history of our country!

More Ethics

"Rule 30" refers to a legislator recusing him/herself from a vote due to conflict of interest. In 2014, rule 30 was invoked 4 times - each one by me. brings a new level of transparency to our process that will, I hope, compel all legislators to recuse themselves when a conflict is present.

More Music

Music, medicine and education. We're on the cutting edge of understanding how those three things intersect. Together with my wife Christi, we are making sure this new science blossoms right here in our own state with the Consolari program and campus. Science thrives, healing takes place, and students learn in the process.

More Graduates

Dropout rates are still alarmingly high, especially among Latino students (30% verses 15% among non-Latinos). This is a tragedy which feeds a vicious circle of poverty and crime. More than just a general approach to education, I will focus on solving the the graduation problem our students face.

More Innovation

By harnessing technology, I'm revolutionizing the approach to border security as well as citizen involvement in the legislature. This is just the beginning. I've also begun working with Idaho National Laboratories to establish a College of Advanced Energy Studies (CAES) that will make Arizona a world leader in cutting edge research and radically change how we make and transmit low-cost power.

Less Hatred

Divisive and harsh rhetoric is the surest way to halt solutions and damage our state's reputation. Disagreements do not have to be uncivil. I ran two years ago to restore civility to the process and I will continue to lead our district with a tone of respect and inclusion.

Less Government

For all the talk about limited government, our legislature passed 500 bills last session alone. That's big government, not small government. We're better served to focus on 8 or 10 big issues each year that can be addressed within state jurisdiction. If it's a federal jurisdiction, we must master the ability to influence Washington DC rather than passing "protest laws" that accomplish nothing. I will not be a "bill mill."

It takes more than vague ideas and lofty rhetoric to find real solutions.  Join with me in moving past the "talk" and getting to the "walk."

The image of Arizona you see below was created from words that describe my efforts over the last two years to "Elevate Arizona."


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